No co-ordination required to finish this ride.  You only get fit for Spin by doing spin – so take control and sweat your way to new levels of fitness.    Choose from  Spin (50mins) or Spin Max (60mins).

Costs (additional to membership or casual entry fee)

$3 per class (member)
$13 per class (non member)
$27 for 10 concession card (members only or can be used in conjunction with casual entry or casual concession)

Spin class

What to expect from a typical Spin Class

Party lights, amping music and a GREAT workout!  You choose the intensity with your resistance dial, but be guided by the instructor as much as you can.  It’s down to you – dial the effort up to get results, or dial it back to recover.   

Every instructor has their own unique style and musical choices, so it pays to try a few out and see who you fit with best..and remember, this could change over time as you gain more experience and fitness.

At your first Spin class

Arrive 15mins early!!  This is crucial – we need a bit of time to help set your bike up for you.
Don’t expect to be able to cycle as fast as everyone else – it takes time to build leg pace
Expect to feel exhausted – in a nice way!  It takes practice to understand the intensity to ride at.

Controlling Intensity

You are in charge of your workout – the instructor simply provides the moves and motivation. 
At no time during a class will an instructor touch your resistance dial – only you decide to work harder or easier

Benefits of participating in Spin

Gain leg strength and muscular endurance without gaining bulk
Increase your cardiovascular fitness and burn fat
Tone and shape your legs and butt

How often should you attend Spin?

As often as you like.  You’ll get awesome results from 3 classes per week. 

Choosing an instructor

We have loads of different instructors each with their own unique style and musical choice. Our classes are freestyle, which means you won't get the same tracks in every class you go to. Some instructors may choose the same songs, but the chorey and the motivation will be unique to them. And remember, your preferences may change over time as you get fitter and more familiar with the class.

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